The Climate Change Education Caravan

An initiative by Trees For Birthdays

This is our response to the Climate Emergency that has been declared, and is being felt across the world. Sadly, those who have contributed the least are the ones suffering the most. And we see a way to change that...

The Climate Change Education Caravan is a year long project connecting 22 schools in Tanzania and 22 schools in Scotland (while inviting schools around the world to join) to work together as paving the way to an alternative, sustainable, thriving future for ALL. 

We've just launched our

Climate Change Education Caravan Crowdfunder

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The CCEC will establish partnerships between 22 schools across Tanzania and 22 schools across Scotland as a way of delivering education (in a reimagined, fun, and engaging way) on issues around the Climate Crisis - including how to manage the complex emotions evoked by living in a world in crisis.

Over the course of a year (from COP27 to COP28) we will deliver the CCEC curriculum - a series of educational resources across all subject areas. Each resource is developed by experts and practitioners in their field and includes an in-class activity as well as further opportunities to gain real-world experience for those students whose passion is sparked by the topic. Our CCEC curriculum is designed to equip students for the future they will be entering upon leaving school - and help our students lead the JUST TRANSITION we hear so much about, and is so needed to remedy our world in crises.  
Each element of the CCEC curriculum will be designed to nurture and grow the virtues and values that are vital for all life on our beautiful planet - love, kindness, community and connection

As well as the CCEC curriculum we will support our schools to plant (and take guardianship of) 100 trees and establish an organic vegetable garden - in line with the CCEC theme being around the connections of Food Security and Climate Justice. More details here...

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There are  5 'phases' to our delivery of the CCEC...

The year long project will run from COP27 (Nov 2022) until COP28 (Nov 2023), with the intention to continue the brilliant work long beyond this! 
However the first phase of the CCEC is introducing it to our 44 schools, and establishing the school partnerships, which we will do ahead of COP27.
Since this is only a couple of months away we've set up a crowdfunder to help us kickstart a world-changing year & leading the way in delivering a liveable planet for ALL.

Everything beyond this first phase is anticipated to be funded through TfB income, grants and government funding. We simply need support to kickstart the project.