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Stories of Glasgow

Sharing Stories to Save Our Species (this is an SOS!)

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Stories of Glasgow is about growing our communities and sharing stories to empower climate action at every level. Glasgow has a wonderful history of being at the centre of social change and revolution - and our collective action on the climate emergency will see us - the people of Glasgow - continue that legacy.


We are inviting schools, community groups and businesses across Glasgow (& beyond) to create their own Story Tree - a place to connect with nature, self, each other and culture, and share stories of the community past, present and future: Past - to continue Glasgow’s legacy of leading change we need to understand our history in all its pain and glory. By connecting with our history, our culture, the stories of our past we can learn and grow from it. Present - share what you are doing now and how people can get involved and support you. Raise awareness of issues that require our community to care and take collective action, and celebrate your successes. Future - this is arguably the most important story to share through your story tree - how can we work towards a thriving future if we have not imagined what that world looks like? That is why we invite you to co-create your picture of a thriving future (in your area/community) and share it with the world so we can collectively work towards making this vision our reality.

Each Story Tree will contribute to a map of 100+ Story Trees across Glasgow and Scotland. And we invite you to get out and explore the many incredible stories of Glasgow - using active travel and public transport to visit as many of the Story Trees as you can.

ClimateChangeEducationCaravan CROWDFUNDER pres (30).png

We would love to support you in creating your Story Tree. Keep an eye out for announcements of upcoming workshops and talks. Or get in touch if you would like us to host a bespoke workshop for your group to co-create your Story Tree

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