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CCEC - Join the Journey

Thanks for contacting us. We appreciate you taking the time to be in contact and will reply as quickly as we can. It is just the two of us for now, so please forgive a delay to reply. In the meantime please see and share our crowdfunder. We need your support!

Thank you for wanting to get involved with TfB and our CCEC.

In the near future we will be sharing opportunities to join the CCEC journey as part of the TfB family (hopefully a few well-paid jobs!) and/or community (through membership etc). To be the first to hear about these please join our mailing list for the TfB newsletter. 

If you have an idea you would like to share, constructive feedback, an opportunity to collaborate, an offer to sponsor the CCEC, want to be a CCEC delivery partner, or a media enquiry then please use this form to get in touch or email
jennifer - at - sustainlifestyles - dot - org 

Please do note that we are currently at capacity in making our CCEC vision a reality - we cannot promise to reply immediately. But please know that we have taken note, appreciate your input/idea and will be in touch as soon as we can take action together with you. At the moment it is just us two... hopefully we can change that soon and grow the TfB family and community as we deliver the CCEC.

We've just launched our

Climate Change Education Caravan Crowdfunder

Can you support us & make an investment towards saving our species?

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