Jen's Birthday Trees - 2022

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Gift a birthday tree (or trees)

One tree = £7 (20,000 TSH)

Of this ~£3 (9,000 TSH) is the cost of the tree itself

The rest (most of the cost) is to ensure the planted trees are cared for until they are established - otherwise they will likely not survive - this is something that is so often over-looked when we talk about tree planting! 

For our birthday trees campaign we are suggesting:
1 tree = £10 

This keeps it at a nice round number and accounts for all the other wee things that go into planting trees (permission, travel/postage costs, admin costs, as well as the beautiful cakes!) 


It's up to you if you would like to gift one tree or more.

Gift a tree for Jen & Jim's Birthday


Thank you for birthday gift and supporting the planting of trees :)

UPDATE! - Bothwell and Uddingston Green Canopy project have very kindly donated 100 trees that will be planted in Scotland (Comrie Croft) Thank you Thank you! :) 

AND Jim is joining the Birthday Trees Campaign since we share a birthday which rounds the numbers up very nicely (32 trees for Jen, 57 trees for Jim and the remaining 11 from the 100 trees donated represents our birthday being on the 11th)
This means all the funds raised through Jen and Jim's Birthday Trees Campaign will go towards the planting and guardianship of trees in Tanzania. 

The Birthday Trees

For a while now I have been asking for donations to charities that are close to my heart instead of material gifts for my birthday. This year is no different, in fact it gets better still - instead of asking for donations to a charity I have teamed up with my amazing friend Shamim to bring the Birthday Trees campaign she started from Tanzania to Scotland. This year, if you would like to gift me something for my birthday then I am asking you to gift trees! 

The idea is to fundraise (as birthday gifts) to support planting (and care of) the number of trees equivalent to your birthday age - so for me this year it will be 32 trees. However, I am doubling that goal because as much as planting trees here in Scotland is amazing I also want to support Shamim's efforts and raise funds to plant birthday trees in Tanzania too! Through this we will 'twin' the birthday trees forests and establish long-lasting links between the schools and communities getting involved - a partnership for climate action between Scotland and Tanzania at the most grass-roots level it gets!


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