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An Apology to Nature

Launching Early 2023

Our world is in crisis. The survival of our species (and so much of the incredible life on Earth) is threatened by the way we are treating our beautiful home and each other. Time and time again we have been let down by our leaders failing to take the necessary climate action and it is crystal clear that the corporations and powers behind the systems perpetrating this damage and destruction to people and planet are not going to change their ways without being forced to. We are in a Climate Emergency and the time for 'steps in the right direction' or 'slightly adapting business as usual' has passed. We need radical action and we needed it yesterday - but now would be great too. 












We (at Trees for Birthdays) know that LOVE, COMPASSION, and KINDNESS are what will win the fight for Climate Justice. We also know that the worlds needs a greater abundance of these vital virtues. To us, it is clear that taking the action to save our species requires a change in our collective mindset. Let's not forget it was Einstein who famously said:

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

Einstein is not wrong, but why an Apology to Nature? 

Well you just need to watch this incredible video from our expert apology advisor - Juan Carlos Areán on the power of an apology.









If we are to achieve Climate Justice and build a future where every soul is free to thrive, another thing that needs to happen is undoing the dangerous disconnect that has emerged between humans and nature. One of the greatest factors that have led to us being in this Climate Emergency (caused by us humans) is that for some reason we, as a species, consider ourselves separate to, and greater than, nature. But we are not - we are a part of nature. Therefore when we cause damage to the natural world we are also damaging ourselves, and we are seeing that play out in our own mental and physical health. Mother Nature provides us with literally everything we need to survive, and she has done so in such a beautiful way. Yet we abuse her. We have forgotten how to live as one with nature, and we are losing all the knowledge that has been collected over the millennia we have survived as part of the global ecosystem.

The good news is all of this can be repaired.













Sir David Attenborough opened COP26 saying we need to come together. But we live in a society of 'divide and rule' and polarisation such that we struggle to see our commonalities. Somewhere along the line something went wrong, and we collectively, as a society have ended up with a destructive mentality - focusing on our differences instead of working together towards our shared goals. #LetsShowSirDavid that we listened to him saying we need to come together, that we have listened to the lessons and messages he has shared throughout his lifetime of making incredible films, and that TOGETHER we are ready to take the radical action needed to Save Our Species.












It is for these reasons and more that we at Trees for Birthday have created this Apology To Nature campaign. It is a soul-soothing activity which anyone and everyone can, and is invited to, participate. Communal, intentional and meaningful apology to nature ceremonies  create the space for change in our collective mindset, and the apology process opens our hearts and minds ready for the work that is needed for a liveable, sustainable future. We are so excited to share this with you, and we don't doubt that you will see, and be excited by, the potential of this initiative.





Without giving too much away ahead of the A2N launch early next are just three of the key things that
TOGETHER we can achieve through an #ApologyToNature:

1 )#EinsteinsLovebomb
Build a world driven by LOVE, COMPASSION, & 
KINDNESS - where these human virtues are valued more than money and material things.

2) #AsOneWithNature

Fix the dangerous disconnect between humans and nature and re-instill the knowledge that we are part of nature.

3) #LetsShowSirDavid

Create togetherness (collaboration not competition) as we build our better future - not only are we 'as one' with nature, we are also 'as one' species fighting for our survival.

#TogetherWeCan #SaveOurSpecies

We are so excited to launch this campaign!
Watch this space for tickets to the online launch event and your invitation to join us in apologising to nature.

To sum it all up...

Life should be all about thriving, not simply surviving! Yet too many people around the world are struggling to survive, and being cruelly denied the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful gift it is to be alive. Ultimately this is what we want to change. The Apology to Nature campaign is just one of the ways we are helping change the narrative around the Climate Emergency towards a positive & empowering narrative. From this place of togetherness it will be easy to build the liveable, sustainable, and thriving future we all want. 


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