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We - as a global community - have a decision to make...

Its our future. Its our choice.

While always happy on a bike, it was only recently that Jen discovered the #PowerOfTheBike...

Upon discovering mountain biking (late 2020) Jen had found 'her thing' and there was no looking back. Comrie Croft (pictured) became like a second home and Decision Rock clearly influenced some of her thinking as she started to plan a bike ride to Stockholm...
Of course for RideCOP26toStockholm50 Jen will be swapping the downhill trails for cycle paths and roads

It should be noted - the bike pictured here is NOT Jen's own bike! It is the amazing Orange Alpine Evo she was given a shot of recently... and it made for a nice picture. Especially as the colour orange represents solidarity and this is exactly what is needed in the world right now...especially if we are to choose to #ComeTogether and #ActInTime to #SaveOurSpecies 

The smile behind it all - Jen :)

Business-as-usual or a liveable future!!!

Please forgive me this page is still under construction...It will be lovely and complete soon! 



You can learn more about Jen and her story here. 
But in short: Up until about this time last year Jen was working towards her PhD at Stockholm University. Her research has focussed on ice sheet reconstruction - using the rocks and the landscape to inform us about how ice sheets have behaved in response to climate changes in the past (geological history!). She loved this work but felt too concerned (scared and upset) at the climate breakdown we (scientists at least) could see happening - faster and worse than predicted. Knowing what was happening to the Earth's natural systems and society (because we ALL rely on a healthy planet to survive!) and understanding that all our brilliant efforts to take climate action were still insufficient to maintain a liveable planet took its toll on her mental health. And so to save her sanity Jen stepped away from her career to put time and energy into climate campaigning, climate education and inspiring climate action.
"If you have seen the film 'Don't Look Up', Jennifer Lawrence perfectly portrayed how I felt being a young climate scientist in todays world. It was too much for me - I could see a world (and a miserable future) I didn't want to be a part of and yet I felt hopeless and powerless to change our path away from business-as-usual. That was until COP26 came to my hometown..." 

more coming soon...


It's about sharing stories, connecting and engaging with communities along the way and having conversations that connect

More to be shared on: (coming soon I promise!)
Creating a Utopian Story 

Upcycle the System

Power of the Bike to Unite 

Apology to Nature 



It all kicks off from Friday 15th April!  
For those based in Scotland on Saturday 16th April I invite you to bring your bike and join the first leg of the journey - from Glasgow to Edinburgh along the lovely peaceful canal path 

More details of how to get involved coming soon! Still ironing out the details...  



Well where to begin... there are SO many reasons why. 
To me the state of the world right now is heartbreaking, and I personally cannot take more heartbreak. The world cannot keep going this way either. 
I am doing it for me (to find some peace in the world)
I am doing it for you (inspiring a chance of a liveable future where all our souls can be free)

I am doing it to lead by example and invite you to choose a better future than what is currently ahead of us. 

The climate crisis and our #WorldInCrisis is no longer about carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or global politics (which actually happens between a few people behind closed doors). It is about US taking responsibility. That starts with taking responsibility to be aware - to choose to seek knowledge and awareness. That is why RideCOP26toStockholm50 is all about sharing stories (as well as knowledge and ideas). 


WE ARE THE SOLUTION - we just need enough people to choose that an #AlternativeFuture is better than the one that we are currently headed towards. Not just for the planet and our chance of a liveable future...but also for us as individuals. We are not free souls in this capitalist consumerist society - we are commodities. This fossil fuel-driven capitalist consumerist society we have created and seem so stuck in is not just damaging the planet it is damaging us. RideCOP26toStockholm50 is fighting for a world that prioritises #PeopleNotProfits - a liveable planet for the future requires climate justice. 

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