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"Sharing Stories is critical to our Success in transitioning to a Sustainable Future"
On 15th April 2022 Jen will set of on a bike ride from Glasgow to Stockholm on a mission to unite the world in choosing to #ComeTogether and #ActInTime to #SaveOurSpecies

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The Journey

It's not a sprint, but a marathon.
The objective is not to cycle to Stockholm as fast as possible, but to connect and engage with communities along the way and share stories that inspire.

RideCOP26toStockholm50 is all about #SharingStories and 'Conversations that Connect'

From COP26

COP26 is where change happened! 

A spark (of change & empowerment) was created in Glasgow during COP26.

RideCOP26toStockholm50 will grow that spark into a flame of change... taking the empowered energy felt at COP26, a message of hope and a call to action from Glasgow to Stockholm in a way that connects and engages with as many people as possible along the way. Inspiring by showing that change IS possible (it's happening!) and inviting the world to join!

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Click the image above to watch the 'Message of Hope' video recorded at the end of COP26 Glasgow (you can find it on my instagram too - @Jen.newall)

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To Stockholm+50

Stockholm+50 is where action happens! 

RideCOP26toStockholm50 will be a 'catalyst for change' 

We will grow that flame of change and our collective empowered energy as we travel by bike to Stockholm.
And to continue the metaphor... upon arrival in Stockholm we will use that flame to light a torch - which like the Olympic torch has the power to unite! In this case uniting the world in choosing to #ComeTogther and #ActInTime to #SaveOurSpecies

By Bike 

Showing the #PowerOfTheBike to unite... 

Jennifer has chosen to cycle to the UN Stockholm+50 climate meeting (and invites you to join her) because it is the most environmentally friendly way to make the journey. But it also allows her to lead by example and show that cycling is a viable, and most importantly FUN!,alternative mode of transport.

Choosing to cycle also gives the greatest opportunity to connect with, inspire and empower individuals and communities along the way:
"I'm looking forward to meeting and chatting with people along the way and hope that cycling to Stockholm will inspire others to consider travelling by bike - be it a local journey or a bigger adventure such as this ride to Stockholm" 

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