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Sustain Lifestyles Ltd prides itself on providing our clients targeted and effective solutions, enabling them to effortlessly bring sustainable practises into their everyday activities. 


We offer sustainability coaching for individuals and households - in which we work with you to find the simple lifestyle adaptions you can make that will make the biggest difference in terms of your environmental footprint 

Similarly we provide sustainable business practise consulting for (local) SME’s - helping you to lead the way in your market with regards to environmentally- and ethically-friendly business practices, attracting new conscientious customers in doing so. In working with you we look at ALL aspects of your business and see where small changes can be adopted to make a big difference. We show you how to implement these (generally cost-saving) changes and market yourself to the conscientious customer.

Here at SUSTAIN we are not interested in 'box ticking' exercises or 'greenwashing' - doing the bare minimum to be able to market as a sustainable and environmentally friendly business. We lead the way, offering our clients solutions that deliver the most environmentally friendly practices possible....and allowing no compromises in achieving this.




Sustain Lifestyles Ltd. was established by Jennifer Newall - a scientist who spent her research career studying the effects of climate change. This research has taken her from studying glaciers in the Arctic, to volcanoes in Africa, and almost everywhere in between - most recently studying the Antarctic ice sheet and it's melting in response to climate change. 









While Jennifer is a scientist by training, working in climate science has grown to be highly frustrating...especially in a world of fake news, a world with a growing mistrust in science and a world where politicians are ignoring expert advice.  Jennifer has since become a budding entrepreneur seeking to disrupt 'business as usual' and show that businesses can be successful while prioritising (and upholding!) environmental and ethical values over profit. 
Driven by trying to provide solutions, and a realisation that:

"Science communication and outreach - working to inform and inspire people at all levels - is where I can make the most difference and help towards shifting our society to a way of life that doesn’t threaten our own existence"



 Sustain Lifestyles Ltd. is just one of a few entrepreneurial ventures Jennifer has embarked on: 
 "It [Sustain Lifestyles] grew out of talking to people at parties, and family members coming to me for advice etc. Knowing me both personally, and as a climate scientist they trusted me to answer their questions and get advice. I discovered there to be a huge demand for trustworthy experts to help people understand issues around climate change, but more importantly deliver SOLUTIONS at all levels – from individuals right up to governments- as to the best actions to take in order to mitigate the worst-case IPCC scenarios. I began offering my services as a sustainability coach/consultant to a variety of clients and it just grew from there. In 2019 I established Sustain Lifestyles as a limited company and now I look forward to working with as many people as possible to make the world that little bit better - in terms of both our current way of life, and the planet we leave to future generations"

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